Where Are You?

Nathan BaylyBlog


Do you know where you are? Of course you do.

But do you know where you’re at in Bible reading?

If you’ve been working to read the entire Bible in 2015, you should have passed the half-way point. Those reading straight through the Bible will be closing in on the end of Psalms. I can’t give a half-way point if you’re following another plan, but take a look at your progress. If you’re using a one-year Bible, you should be mid-way. If you’re following a calendar plan, you should be up-to-date.

I’m at the beginning of Isaiah, but I didn’t read all of Psalms. I decided to include a Psalm with my daily reading for the rest of the year after reading Psalm 5, and moved on to Proverbs.

Proverbs was a revelation this year. I’ve not always enjoyed Proverbs. This year it was amazingly powerful: I was challenged by the MANY exhortations to help the poor, to give generously because God blesses those who are generous. I was struck by the realization that wisdom is to be pursued. I often assume wisdom is static, either you have it or you don’t. Not according to Proverbs. Wisdom should be pursued almost as assiduously as God. In fact, wisdom is closely related to God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…

Where have you been blessed by your reading recently? I don’t ask if you’ve been blessed. If you’re reading, you have been blessed. It’s impossible to be in God’s Word without being blessed. The only question is where. Let’s be faithful in our reading and make it through the year together.