What We Believe

Christ the Word PCA is protestant, reformed and evangelical

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus told His disciples, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Great cities are frequently built on hills: the temple mount at the heart Jerusalem, the Capitoline Hill of Rome, the Acropolis of Athens….

In calling the Church a city on a hill, Jesus proclaims its inbetween status: above its earthly surroundings but below heaven; reflecting light and beauty from above, but rooted below. A city on a hill shimmers in the air; not quite earthly, nor fully of heaven, it rises above the plains, beautiful but distant.

As a local church, God has placed Christ the Word between the glory of heaven and the city of Toledo.

We are unapologetically distinct from our earthly surroundings. But though distinct, we are not elitist. We didn’t climb to this elevation ourselves, we were lifted here by the grace of God. Citizenship here is not constrained by birth or status. The Savior who redeemed us desires all to come to Him.

Have you tasted the grace of God? Speaking to a skeptic Jesus said, “Unless you are born again you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Have you been born twice—first to earthly life, a human mother, an earthly nation; a second time to eternal life, the Kingdom of Christ, by the Holy Spirit?

Finally, every city has a foundation. This city’s foundation is the Word of God. Our goal at Christ the Word is to teach the Word, live the Word, believe the Word, in its entirety, humbly submitting to it in all areas.

About Our Worship

When we gather together, we desire to worship exuberantly with our minds, affections and bodies.

At the heart of true worship lies an encounter with the King of Glory. True worship not only glorifies God, it ennobles and enriches the lives of men. For this reason worship can never be casual. Nowhere in life do human beings draw nearer the flame of God’s eternal character than in worship, thus true worship is characterized by glory, honor and blessing, yet danger and wrath are also present when worship falls short of the standards established in God’s Word.

In our worship, we strive to be true to all the themes found in Scripture. This means that we sing about God’s love and mercy as well as His death for sinners, and the coming judgment. We also enjoy incorporating Psalm adaptions into our worship.

Additionally, we want our music to be in the “language” of common people—not archaic and antiquated. 

You can get a taste for some of our music by visiting www.everlastingwordband.com.

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